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AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML which is a technique for building web applications. It uses the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML for creating the web applications. AJAX application does work with Web browser directly but it allows users to update the content on web browsers instantly.


Main aim of AJAX is to enhance the speed and performance of web application. Applications that are developed by AJAX always be User friendly and responsive. It can handle complex web applications and enables the user to make asynchronous calls to web server. Google map is the most popular example of using AJAX. By using Ajax features, Web applications provide the following features:


  • Provide an interactive User Interface such as tooltips, pop-up windows and much more.
  • Enhance the effectiveness for Web forms applications.
  • Support the application of ASP.NET with Client integration services for the authentication of forms, profiles and users.
  • Customize the server control to consist the capabilities of clients.


AJAX comes with an extensive set of controls that enables user to build interactive Web Applications. AJAX control toolkit involves the wide range of controls such as ColorPicker, Calendar, and many more. Using this toolkit, users can create the AJAX authorize ASP.NET Web Forms applications. These applications can be created by dragging a control from Visual studio and dropping it onto a page. It also has established a wide range of its products. Few of its products are as follows:


  • AJAX portal: it is one of the most known product of AJAX which supports all main browsers and based on the JavaScript. It can be used as CMS and use the web applications of mobile as a portlets.
  • Open AJAX: it resembles the addition of approaches and technologies to promote Ajax based technologies.
  • AJAX Uploader: it is another product of AJAX which allow user to upload the multiples files to a web server. It also includes some main features like users can upload and select multiple file, cancel the running files and many more.


User can create applications with AJAX by using an Engine. This engine represent as an intermediary between the server and user’s browser. User’s browser loads the AJAX engine which displays the page. To create interactive Web pages, AJAX is used in combination with distinct technologies which are as follows:


  • JavaScript: it is a loosely type scripting language. When an event occurs in a page, then JavaScript function called.
  • CSS: CSS refers to the Cascading Style Server which provides the style to the content.
  • DOM: DOM refers to the Document Object Model which is used to represents the XML and HTML document structure.
  • XMLHttPRequest: it allocates the client functionality between a server and a client for transferring the data.


Server side objects like web services and pages in AJAX are called by XMLHttPRequest object. These server side objects will either return data or save data. Some of the Open standards on which AJAX is based are as follows:


  • JavaScript
  • In browser, data is fetched by using XMLHttPRequest
  • Data is fetched from the server and stored in XML format
  • By using Cascading Style Server and HTML, create browser based presentation


Moreover, DOM, CSS Selectors, Ajax debugging, Ajax custom controls, Ajax Application Design are some of the major concepts involved in the AJAX.


For developing and designing web applications, AJAX callbacks become the standard programming practice which uses jQuery and JSON web services to perform the tasks. To define data, a user mostly used two languages, JavaScript and HTML. But in AJAX, JSON web services used with the JavaScript. It is much easier to use AJAX with JavaScript than HTML to store and exchange data. Major advance to Ajax and JavaScript is the JavaScript Object library, known as jQuery and used to write client-side JavaScript to manipulate a page and make asynchronous Ajax callbacks.


Rich interaction Applications is the other major concept of AJAX. These applications are used to provide the functionality of desktop applications. Rich interaction Applications uses controls to enhance the interaction between user and interface. RIA is divided into two approaches, including Scripting based approaches and Object oriented based approaches. There are some features of RIA which are as follows:


  • RIA is compatible with the HTML content and infrastructure.
  • User can try it easily. There is no need of extra software.
  • It minimizes the network traffic and loads on the server.
  • It requires only AJAX enabled browsers. Installation is not compulsory.


Jquery advance Ajax method is known as the mother of the all the methods. All the methods use $.ajax() to perform the tasks. On the other hand, JavaServer Faces technology supports Ajax by using JavaScript resource library.


Ajax resource can be used in JavaServer Faces web applications by two ways which are as follows:


  • It can be used in JavaServer faces by using f.ajax tags with a standard component in Facelets application. This method enables user to add Ajax functionality to any UI component.
  • Another way is to used Ajax resource in JavaServer Faces by using jsf.ajax.request() method directly in the Facelets applications. This method provides direct access to Ajax.


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  • Advanced Ajax Transports and JSON
  • Advanced Ajax with jsXHR Object
  • jQuery UI & jQuery UI Custom Control




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AJAX is abbreviated for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a dynamic web service which uses XML Http requests object to get responses from a web server for instant on page editing. It is a platform for creating interactive web pages. It is not a technology which develops programs but it combines various programming techniques in a way to develop web applications with appealing user interfaces.
AJAX works as an interface between the browser and the web server and fills the gaps of traditional web application development. AJAX mainly deals with JavaScript DOM, XML, CSS and XMLHttpRequest object to display content that needs to change. JavaScript code is used for AJAX. AJAX comes with its toolkits and various techniques for rapid development.
AJAX uses are listed as:
Used for Tabbed based interfaces
Used for RSS display boxes
Used for external page inclusion
Used for pagination
Used for interstitial content boxes
AJAX client sends request via asynchronous HTTP and server responds with XML. In this the client processes the resulting XML document tree. Well written AJAX applications run on the client and treats server as a database or file system. It helps in solving problems related with forms and also avoids reloading of elements which are same as on the previous page. 

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AJAX is known as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and it is a method for developing dynamic web pages.

In AJAX the web pages are modified asynchronously by an exchange of small amount of information. This means that there is a possibility to modify the parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page. Ajax is utilizing XHTML for data, cascading style sheets for presentation, and scripting language for displaying dynamic content. The examples of AJAX include maps of Google and YouTube.

AJAX depends on open standards

  • Presentation based on browser utilizing HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Information is stored in XML and it is fetched from the server.
  • The data  is fetched  using XMLHttpRequest 
  • JavaScript to make everything happen.

AJAX is utilizing other technologies to devolve web pages

  • JavaScript
  • DOM
  • CSS
  • XML Http Request

AJAX Operation steps

  • Occurring of client size
  • Clients of XMLHttpRequest object
  • Configuration of  XMLHttpRequest object 
  • XMLHttpRequest object  develops an asynchronous request 
  • XMLHttpRequest object  uses the callback() function for processing the result

XMLHttpRequest Methods

  • abort()
  • current request is cancelled
  • getAllResponseHeaders()
  • set of HTTP headers are returned in form of  string.
  • getResponseHeader( headerName )
  • value of the specified HTTP header is returned

Topics for Ajax homework help include:

  • Web Applications - Pre and Post Ajax , Ajax homework assignments ,Ajax website design help
  • Ajax in the Real World , Ajax applications ,Ajax projects , Ajax web design ,Nodes ,innerHTML ,Properties of Element and Text Nodes ,
  • Node Attributes ,Node Name & Node Value ,Event Handling ,Alternatives to Ajax ,XML 
  • JavaScript  ,Document Object Model (DOM) ,Window Object ,HTML & XML DOM ,Node

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  • Key Word - this ,Whitespace Interpretation - Browser Differences ,Removing Nodes ,Creating New Nodes ,Node Methods XML HttpRequest Object ,XMLHttpRequest Instantiation ,XMLHttpRequest open() Method ,Asynchronous vs Synchronous Requests
  • Callback Function ,readyState ,CSS ,Positioning properties,float Property ,Types of Positioning ,3D ,XML and Ajax
  • Creating a DOM Document with JavaScript ,load XML ,Receiving XML Responses from the Server ,Passing XML to the Server 90 ,Server Side Technologies - Frameworks and Toolkits 
  • Multiple Simultaneous Asynchronous Requests ,Prototype ,Extending BuiltIn Objects ,Object-Oriented XMLHttpRequest Refactoring the Creation and Handling of XHRHttpRequest ,Model-View-Control (MVC) ,Design Patterns 
  • Ajax Web Application ,JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) ,JavaScript Object and Array Creation Using Literals ,JavaScript Objects in Arrays & Arrays in Objects
  • Drag and Drop, Ajax and Scriptaculous ,XML Basics ,XML Benefits ,XML Parsers ,Content Management ,Web Services CDATA

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JSON Syntax ,JSON Parsers ,JSON Data Transfer Between Client and Server Autosuggest example , XSLT, Special Characters  

  • Dojo
  • Direct Web Remoting (DWR)
  • Simple Ajax (SAJAX)
  • Sarissa
  • DOM
  • Ajax with XML
  • XSLT
  • XPath
  • XSLT Templates

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