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Anatomy is the study of body structure of living beings and their parts. There are majorly three areas of anatomy including human anatomy , plant anatomy and animal anatomy. Anatomy is inherently related to comparative embryology , phylogeny as these are generated through common roots of evolution.
Anatomy can be subdivided into :
•Gross anatomy (Macroscopic anatomy)
•Microscopic anatomy

Gross anatomy or the macroscopic anatomy is the examination of anatomical structures with the naked eye or without the help of any magnifying device. This may or may not involve invasive methods. The process of dissection involves the organs to be cut and then studied. This is termed as invasive method. Whereas in non-invasive methods like endoscopy, angiography, x-rays , MRI etc are performed.
Microscopic anatomy or histology is the study of structural elements that can only be observed through microscopes. It makes the use of various optical instruments. The methods used in microscopic anatomy are sectioning or scaling.
Comparative anatomy, which is the other division of anatomy compares the anatomical structures in different species to study the adaptive changes occurred in the process of evolution.
Other areas where anatomy approach is followed are vertebrate anatomy, surface anatomy, artistic anatomy, systemic anatomy, regional anatomy.

Anatomy relates the structure of the body and the relationship between body parts. It is the study of the internal and external structures of plants, animals or, for our focus, the human body. The word anatomy comes from the Greek language. The study  arrangement of  anatomy  of the bones that comprise the human skeleton, which is the anatomical framework for our bodies. This is the main topic in the study of biology. It can be subdivided into more specific concentrations  such as cell biology, plant biology and animal biology. It can also  broadly divide anatomy into microscopic anatomy and macroscopic anatomy and also known as gross anatomy. 

The Microscopic anatomy is described the structures that can be seen and examined only with magnification aids such as a microscope. It includes examples of microscopic anatomy are cellular structure (cytology) and tissue samples (histology). They both microscopic and macroscopic anatomy as Gross anatomy that can be represented the structures visible to the unaided or naked eye. The anatomy of the human body has various types of  cells, atoms, molecules, tissues, and organelles etc.The frameworlk of the anatomy includes atoms, molecules, the combination of the atoms and the chemical bonds between atoms. Anatomy is the study of two terms as metabolism and homeostasis. The grouping of similar cells performing a common function known as tissue. The anatomy of body has the body membranes.Body membranes has the tissue lining of body cavities and covering of internal organs, it can be divided into two parts parietal membrane and visceral membrane.

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Some of the Anatomy homework help topics:

  • Prosections, bones; Surgical,applied; Fascia- superficial and deep, functions and applied; General classification
  • Anatomy and Sectional anatomy,bones & cartilage including examples, functions and applied anatomy.

General Anatomy , Skin with appendages - functions and 

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  • General classification of joints with general features, examples, movements and applied; General classification of muscles -features, function, examples and applied including myophysiology; General anatomy of cardiovascular system- arteries, veins,
  • capillaries, end arteries ,Line of centre of gravity,Thoracic cage:Inlet, outlet,Joints of the thoracic cage, Attachments, Pelvis Anatomical position,Parts,Difference between male and female pelvis with types.
  • Articulations, Attachments, Vascular and nervous supply, Pelvimetry,Limbs: Identification of bones, Anatomical position, Parts
  • Bones in an articulated hand and foot, Individual bones including ossification, Vascular and nervous supply,Clinical correlation
  • Head and Neck,Surface anatomy,Radiological anatomy,Sectional anatomy,Surface anatomy,Radiological anatomy,Sectional anatomy,Microanatomy

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cornea, sclerocorneal junction.

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Help for Master of Science in Anatomy
  • Functional Human Anatomy
  • Reproductive Biology
  • Neurobiology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Current Topics in Anatomical Science

Principles of Anatomy

  • Examination of gross anatomy 
  • neuroanatomy of human 
  • dog
  • Laboratories will include cadaveric
  • virtual dissection
  • clinical case studies
  • problem based learning


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