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Survival of an organism cannot be imagined without existence of a cell. It is the smallest unit of life which can also be termed as a person’s lifeline point. Cell biology deals with cell structures and its functioning. Cell is composed of tissues and organisms. Some organisms have only one cell while some are composed of multiple cells like humans. A cell is very small unit cannot be seen with eyes. It requires a microscopic lens to view its structure and all other parts. These lenses should have magnified glasses to view a cell completely. Today, high-powered electron microscopes are used. These improved imaging techniques gives detailed cell biology in terms of its 3d structure.

Cell biology is associated with cell theory, cell energy, biochemical mechanisms and cell metabolism. It is concerned with genetics of the cell and describes how it interconnects with the proteins that controls release of genetic information from the nucleus to the cell cytoplasm. Subcellular compartments defines the structure of cell components. Moreover, it is concerned with signaling and communication between cells.

DNA replication and cell cycle are another major concepts in cell biology. Cell biology analyzes the living systems to develop relations between gene regulatory networks, genomes and intracellular signaling networks.

Related topics for Cell Biology Assignment help

Introduction & Chemical Foundations ,Protein Structure and Function ,Basic Molecular Genetic Mechanisms ,Biomembranes and Cell Architecture ,Integrating Cells into Tissues ,Transport of Ions & Small Molecules Across Membranes

Cell Energetics ,Molecular Genetic Techniques and Genomics ,Molecular Structure of Genes and Chromosomes ,Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression ,Post-transcriptional Gene Control and Nuclear Transport

Signaling at the Cell Surface ,Control Gene Activity ,Integrating Signals and Gene Controls ,Moving Proteins into Membranes and Organelles ,Vesicular Traffic, Secretion, and Endocytosi ,Metabolism and Movement of Lipids

Microfilaments and Intermediate Filaments ,Cytoskeleton II: Microtubules ,Eukaryotic Cell Cycle ,Cell Birth, Lineage, and Death ,Cancer ,Basic biological chemistry ,DNA ,Cellular imaging ,Gene expression Transcriptional control of gene expression ,Post-transcriptional ,control of gene expression ,Analyzing cellular proteins ,Cell membranes ,Membrane transport ,Intracellular ,compartmentalization ,Vesicular traffic ,Mitochondria , cellular communication ,Cellular tensegrity

Online Cell Biology Assignment help experts help with topics like Protein secretion, biogenesis of membrane proteins, Regulation of the cell division cycle, Regulation of DNA replication, microtubule cytoskeleton.

Cell biology

Cell biology is the branch of biology. That deals with the study of cells for their formation, structure, components and function. All living organisms composed of cells to perform their individual functions. The cells can control living organisms. All unicellular organisms including bacteria and archae. The humans consist of complex or many cells organisms. The cells are the smallest unit of life. Cells can replicate independently. The cells are also called building blocks of life. Mainly the cells consist of cytoplasm that enclosed within a membrane. Cells contains many bio molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids.

Functions of cell membrane

Isolate the cytoplasm from the external environment, Regulate the exchange of substances, communicate with other cells, Identification. 

 Cell biology characteristics

Amino acids synthesis new proteins, Proton transport protein s in the lysosome membrane, Fatty acids synthesis ATP, Phospholipid forms lipids in the outer membrane 

Applications of cell biology

Immunohistochemistry, Fisher brand, Thermo scientific shadon, Fluorescent imaging, Thermo scientific cellomics, Millipore, Microscopy, Fisher scientific, AMG, Cytometry, Fisher chemical, Thermo scientific Forma, Transfection, Promega, Mirus, Cryopreservation, Fisher brand, Fisher chemical, Fixation, Fisherbrand, Staining, Genlantis, Cytometry, Particle technology, Bio sciences.

Advanced cell biology technology

Replication of DNA, Repair of DNA, Differentiation and development, Nucleic acid and protein structure and function, Gene expression control, DNA recombinant, Organization of nuclear, Processing of RNA, Sorting of protein and transport, Cell adhesion and motility, Signal transduction , Immunology.

Some of the homework help topics include:

  • cell biology, properties and behaviors of cells
  • Structure of biological membranes
  • lipids and lipid modification

Regulation of mitosis, Meiosis, Cell cycle checkpoints, Protein modifications and intracellular transport, glycosylation , vesicular transport, receptor mediated endocytosis.

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Help for complex topics like:

  • membrane proteins
  • Pumps, channels, transporters
  • Receptors, basics of signal transduction

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Lysosomes, organelle biogenesis, Protein modifications and intracellular transport

  • Signal transduction: Detailed molecular mechanisms, Nerve cells, ion channels, synapse, Ca++ regulated events, actin-myosin cytoskeleton, extracellular matrix, Cancer, Stem cells and cloning, Universality & diversity of cells, Basic biological chemistry, DNA in the context of the cell, Gene expression in the context of the cell, Transcriptional control of gene expression, Post-transcriptional control of gene expression, Analyzing cellular proteins, Analyzing cellular nucleic acids, Cell membranes, Membrane transport, Intracellular, compartmentalization, Vesicular traffic, Mitochondria, cell, communication, Mechanisms of cellular communication, cytoskeleton, Cellular tensegrity, Molecular motors
  • Sarcomere regulation, cell cycle, Apoptosis, necrosis, Cell junctions cell adhesion Extracellular matrix Cancer stem cells Germ cells Cell differentiation, Manipulating cell, differentiation, histology, Epidermis, Skin pigmentation, Vasculature and blood, Muscle tissue, Muscle tissue, regeneration, Connective tissue and, bone, Stem cell engineering, Neurons, Cell Chemistry, Macromolecules, Cells and Organelles, Microscopy Techniques, Bioenergetics, Enzymes, Cell Membranes, Membrane Transport, Electrical Signaling, Signal Transduction, Extracellular Structures, Intracellular Compartments and Trafficking, Chemotrophic Energy Metabolism, Aerobic Respiration, Photosynthesis, Chromosomes and the Nucleus
  • Cell Cycle, Control of Cell Cycle and Cancer, Meiosis and Gamete Formation, Recombination and Genetic Variability, Transcription and the Genetic Code, RNA Processing, Translation and Protein Sorting, Regulation of Gene Expression, Cytoskeleton, Cell Motility, Cell Biology, cell structure, function, universal features of prokaryotic, eukaryotic cells, types of utilization, conversion of energy, genetic control of cell shape, functionality, internal organization of cells, communication between cells, environment, development of multicellular systems


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