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The branch of study that determines the consumption, production and distribution of wealth is termed as Economics. It is concerned with the works of market process, problem of scarcity and use & allocation of good and services. It concentrates upon the interaction of economic agents. There are two types of economics which are listed as :

  • Macroeconomics: The economic process that deals with the economic decision of large units is known as Macroeconomics. It includes the large units like government , unemployment rate, trades between countries , etc. It also comprises of monetary policy and fiscal policy.
  • Microeconomics: The economic process that deals with the economic decision of small units is known as Microeconomics. It includes the small unit like family, business, domestic economics, etc.

There are two components of economics: positive economics and normative economics. Positive economics is concerned with the economic works, which can be tested on the basis of facts. Normative economics concerns with the judgements of value which cannot be tested by the facts alone. Supply and demand is the major factor in economics. Supply and demand is the model of price determination. Application of Economics are as follows:

  • Forecasting
  • Business management
  • Business planning
  • Decision management

Economics is a science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.Economics is a study of man in the ordinary business of life.

Economics focuses on the behavior and interactions of economic agents and how economies work. Consistent with this focus, primary textbooks often distinguish between microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics examines the behavior of basic elements in the economy, including individual agents and markets, their interactions, and the outcomes of interactions. Individual agents may include, for example, households, firms, buyers, and sellers. Macroeconomics analyzes the entire economy (meaning aggregated production, consumption, savings, and investment) and issues affecting it, including unemployment of resources (labor, capital, and land), inflation, economic growth, and the public policies that address these issues (monetary, fiscal, and other policies).

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Generally topics like exceptions to the law of demand, Elasticity of Demand, Methods of measuring elasticity of demand, Marginal utility Analysis ,Production analysis: Production functions, law of returns, least cost combination, cost and cost curves, choice of plant size in the long run.

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Topics in Economics homework help includes:

  • Break‐even‐analysis,Economic appraisal techniques: long‐ range and short range budgeting, Criteria for project appraisal, Social benefit‐cost analysis, Depreciation: concepts and techniques.,The scope and method of economics,The economic problem: scarcity and choice,Demand, Supply, And market equilibrium,Demand and supply applications, Elasticity, Household behavior and consumer choice,The production process: the behavior of profit-maximizing firms monetary system: money and its functions. Inflation and business cycles causes,
  • Effects and methods to control inflation, Concepts of business cycles,Accounting: book keeping single and double entry system, Journal and ledger.,Short-run costs and output decisions,Long run costs and output decisions,Functions of the commercial bank and central bank, Monetary policy,Input demand: the labor and land markets,The capital market and the investment decision,General equilibrium and the efficiency of perfect competition,Income distribution and poverty,Public finance: the economics of taxation,
  • The economic behavior of individuals, Firms, Institutions and governments,Market demand : demand, Meaning and types, Monopoly and antitrust policy,Monopolistic competition,Cost control,Law of demand,Oliogopoly,Monopolistic competition,Supply: law of supply, Elasticity of supply ,Actual cost, Over head cost,Cost concepts and estimation: cost elements, Economic vs. Accounting concepts of costs and revenues, Standard cost,Introductory microeconomics,Statistics for economics and econometrics,Intermediate microeconomics

Complex topics covered by Economics Online experts :

  • General Equilibrium and the Efficiency of Perfect Competition,Monopoly Antitrust Policy, Oliogopoly, Monopolistic competition, Microeconomics deals with scarcity choice,Externalities, Public Goods, Social Choice, Competition, efficiency, Monopoly, Game Theory, Theory firm,Perfect, imperfect competition,Welfare economics, equilibrium ,Uncertainty, Equilibrium,
  • Welfare Economics,Incentives, Calculus, Principles engineering economics microeconomics , Demand production theory, Uses in decision making Tragedy Commons,Externalities, Coase’s Theorem,Non-Rival Supply demand,Applying supply demand,Elasticity,Consumer theory,Preferences utility,Budget constraints,Deriving demand curves,Applying consumer theory: labor, Producer Productivity costs, Monopoly oligopoly,
  • Intermediate microeconomics, Factor markets, International trade,Uncertainty, Capital Equity efficiency,Equity Government redistribution policy, U.S. insurance programs, Healthcare Basic analysis Consumer choices, Production firm competitive, monopolistic oligopolistic strategic interaction, Uncertainty asymmetric information, Regulation, public Trade, welfare effects graphical representation surplus, producer indirect tax, state intervences on market, Effects taxation, price regulation, anti-import pro-export export subsidy, Cost living index Divisia index,Laspeyeres index, Paasche impact changes income effect changes, Hicks approach, Market derivation market demand,
  • Relationship, expenditure elasticity, Intertemporal model choice buget constraint, indiference curves, optimum, terms uncertainty,Expected value, expected utility, Asset markets Assets, Rate Return, Arbitrage, Present Value, Risk assets Utility function risk aversive, risk-seeking, risk-neutral consumers, behavior Games, Markets factor Economy Labor Market, production, consumption, failure,Theory

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Predict trends in interest rates in hypothetical situations, nature of competition in markets characterized by oligopoly and monopoly span style Positive Economics ,economics homework problems. Get instant help for Economics Report writing,case studies , essays , dissertation.

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