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Hospitality Management is a service industry. Creating the task of shareholder wealth by ng serviciand satisfying guests. Segments of industry including hotels, restaurants, private clubs, managed food service, event planning, tourism related business and travel providers. Hospitality means to welcoming and looking after the basic needs of guests or strangers, mainly consider to food, drink and accommodation, it creates the relationship process between a guest and a host, entertain the guests, visitors or strangers with liberality and goodwill. The hospitality industry include the companies or organizations which provide food, drink or accommodation to people who are away from home. The main objectives of the hospitality industry are to make guests feel welcome personally, to make sure that operation will continue to provide service and meet its budget. There are some more features of the hospitality industry are product-service mix, two way communication, relationship building, diversity in culture, labor intensive.

Hospitality industry has influenced by some trends i.e. technology, more comfortable travel, communication, aging population, early retirement, political changes, two wage earner families, smaller families etc. trends thst can be affecting the future of the hospitality management includes increasing competition, emphasis on service, customers growing value consciousness, changes in marketing and management made possible by technology, greater diversity of the workforce, customer concern with security, globalization. The relationships of the industry are travel agents, tourist information centers, retail outlets. It includes classification of hotels(includes criteria as location, function, market segment, size and rating etc.), accommodation(two types- non commercial and commercial) and types of hotels(as city centre hotels, suburban hotels, airport hotels, commercial hotels, resort hotels, casino hotels etc.).

Few topics for homework help includes:

  • Food Service-The People Industry,History of the Industry,Jobs in food service,Career/Employability Skills
  • Sanitation and Safety,Food Safety Group Poster,Sanitation and Safety Quiz,Standardization
  • Products of the Bake Station – Cakes, cookies, breads,Recipes,The menu,Recipe/Menu Project
  • Help for Paper writing , thesis & dissertation , essays , report writing & case studies on Hospitality management.


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Hospitality Management assignment questions

Hospitality Management Assignment help for topics like:

  • Food and Culture,Country Project,Nutrition,Nutritional Analysis Project,Nutritious options
  • Cooking Methods and Equipment,Cooking Terms Quiz,Products of the Hot Station,Cereals
  • Applying your Culinary Skills,Cooking for mass quantities


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Few topics for help :


  • Business Computing for Hospitality and Tourism, Business Operations in Hospitality and Tourism, Finance for Hospitality and Tourism, Food and Beverage Operations
  • Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, Front Office Operations, Housekeeping and Accommodation Operations, Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism, Global Hospitality Industry, Tourism Industry, Culinary Concepts, Writing Workshop, Hospitality Marketing, Finance in Hospitality, Legal Aspects of Hospitality Management, HR Management, Resort & Club Management, Tradeshow Management
  • Wine Appreciation, Wine Appreciation, Revenue Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Developing Manager, Chef Skills, Conference and Event Management, Hospitality Customer Service Hospitality Marketing and Sales Development Contemporary Hospitality Industry Personal Development Planning Research methods Management and Leadership, Craft Skills, Hospitality Operations Management, Hospitality Law for Licensed Premises, Menu Planning and Product Development, Nutrition and Lifestyle, Work-Based Learning



Values, Vision, Mission, Smarter Goals
Impacts of Organizational Culture
Values, Vision & Mission
Developing SMARTER Goals
Associates’ Roles in SMARTER Goals
Strategy & the Balanced Score Card
Traditional vs. High-Performance Service Organizations
Quality Management in High-Performance Service Organizations
Implement Managing for Quality
Reducing Quality Costs
Your Five-Year Leadership Journey Plan
Leadership Reflection


Managing for Quality
Quality Drives Corporate Culture
Satisfying External Customers
Planning & Implementing World-Class Service
Customers’ Perceptions of Service Quality
Integrating Quality Service


Financial Statements
Major Financial Statements
USALI – th Edition
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Hotel Department Schedules
Controllable Expenses
Statement of Cash Flow
Statement of Retained Earnings


Managerial Accounting
Ratio Analysis Why, What, When
Liquidity Rations
Activity Ratios
Profitability Ratios
Market Ratios
Operating Ratios


Supervision and Management
Supervisory Responsibilities & Listening Skills
Time Management Practices
Human Resources Functions
Effective Supervision Influences Staff Performance
Coaching and Mentoring
Team Management
Forming High Performance Teams


Risk Management
Risk Management Strategies
Performing a Risk Analysis
Policies, Controls and Communications
Property & Premises Safety
Information Technology Security
Food & Beverage Safety
Automobile Liability
Guest Safety
Staff Safety
Emergency & Disaster Plans


Facilities Management
Hospitality Facilities Overview
Facility Design and Construction
Electrical Systems
Water Supply and Waste Systems
HVAC Systems
Safety and Security Systems
Maintaining Hospitality Facilities
Assessing the Facility
Sustainability in Hospitality Facilities


Effective Leaders Use Emotional Intelligence
Tools for Effective Leadership
Knowing & Leading Self and Your SMARTER Goals
Becoming a Servant Leader
Leadership Lessons from Hospitality Mentors
Personal Leadership Practices and the New Leadership


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