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Microsoft Visio is an application tool offered by Microsoft Office to draw a range of diagrams like UML, flow charts, mind maps, playbooks etc. It is a vector graphics application invented in 1992 by the Shapeware Corporation which got acquired by Microsoft in 2000. UML diagrams can be easily created and designed using Microsoft Visio.
This diagramming tool has three editions: Standard, Professional and Premium. Standard edition has many additional templates as compared to the professional one that provides for advanced drawing options. Users can easily connect the diagrams and the data sources. The premium edition of Visio displays additional types of diagrams along with the rules and validations.
The latest Visio has add on features like Information Rights Protection, Modern shapes for office layouts, home plans , floor plans etc. The various other features of Microsoft Visio are :

  • Additional formats for different files with extensions like .vsdx, .vdx, .vsdm, .vst, .vtx
  • Diagrams can be resized without loss of clarity.
  • Shapes can be linked to data and data graphics such as icons and colors used to enhance the vision
  • Creation of professional diagrams quickly and effortless

Advantages of Microsoft Visio are: market leader in diagramming software, wide variety of diagramming shapes, have several variations with each new version, pro version have cloud benefits like multiple installations and automatic updates, familiar, can be used for long time depending on the compatibility with the device.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Visio are: expensive, iteration, poor customer service, not available for Linux and Mac, don’t run on mobiles and can’t support collaborative editing.

Microsoft Visio can be defined as an advanced diagramming tool that is used for creating every diagram of variety from flow charts for business to diagrams of computer network. It is basically computer software which may be used for creating the diagrams as well as drawings for various purposes.  A WYSIWYG environment that means what you see is what you get environment is provided by Microsoft Visio for creating diagrams as well as drawings. 

It helps to create infrastructure diagrams of computer network, floor-plans & a large range of other types of drawings as well as charts. This software is part of the Microsoft Office; however it may also act as standalone application which may have different versions each including various subsets of features. 

There are many features which are offered by Microsoft Visio. Some of the features include Auto Connect functionality, business process diagrams, ability to import DWG files into Visio, easy shape customization, easy diagram sharing through a web browser, brainstorming diagrams, shape effect options such as shadow, bevel, glow, etc, contextual right-click menus, link diagram shapes to data, context-sensitive help and links to task-specific templates, no-code dashboards & easy-to-apply themes for creating modern diagrams rapidly.  

Moreover, Microsoft Visio is defined as a diagramming tool which is used for creating simple and complex diagrams. It is one of the leading products of Microsoft. 

Microsoft Visio has pre drawn picture elements which can be easily dragged and dropped for communicating the information and process visually. For defining and connecting relationship between shapes, Visio involves the variety of connectors such as dynamic connectors, line curve connectors, straight line connectors and many more. Microsoft Visio offers many features. There are some top features of Microsoft Visio are as follows: 

  • Microsoft Visio create professional diagrams rapidly
  • It uses to share constructive, data linked diagrams with others in few clicks via a browser.
  • In order to check the diagram against business rules, Visio ensures accuracy and consistency of an organization by using Diagram Validation Tool.
  • With the help of Visio, Users can communicate and share their flow chart, process maps with data.
  • It includes IEEE compliant shapes for Home plans and Electrical Diagrams. 

Microsoft Visio includes block diagrams with various business templates such as marketing, brainstorming and organization charts. It allows users to edit and comment on a diagram from an enabled device. It also provides an instant messaging tool for audio and video calling with colleagues. The main objective of Visio is to make complex diagram easier. With the help of Microsoft Visio, we can do following things: 

  • In business field, it uses to create an organizational chart, create a floor plan, flowchart documentation, and many more.
  • Microsoft Visio comes with a variety of built in shapes, stencils and objects to work with.
  • Users can create 3D map diagrams also with the help of Microsoft Visio
  • Users can share real time and historical data with teams even if everyone doesn’t have access to Visio.
  • Visio standard and Visio Professional provides an office-like look to users with which users can easily get started and get comfortable. 

As we can see, there is a wide range of shapes available in Microsoft Visio. Some of these shapes are Start/End, process, Decision, Sub process, Document, Data, On-page reference, Off-page reference, Alternate process, and many more. 

Users can design their own shapes. Shapes name tell about their uses in flowchart creation. Apart from shapes, Microsoft Visio involves several templates with predefined structures such as time lines, organizational charts, database diagrams, etc. Each templates has its own characteristics. With the help of Microsoft Visio, a user can create: 

  • Audit Diagram & Block Diagram
  • Flow Charts
  • Customized diagrams
  • Data Flow diagram & Network Diagram
  • Rack Diagram & Audit Diagram
  • Office Layout
  • Organization Chart 

Another major aspect of Microsoft Visio is that it provides link shapes to multiple data sources like Excel, SQL Server, etc. Visio is well organized in creating diagrams of 3D map. It plays an important role in Corporate field also as it provides help in production planning and manufacturing. 

Nowadays, Microsoft Visio acts as a market leader in diagramming software. Few advantages of Microsoft Visio are as follows: 

  • It share dynamic and data linked diagrams
  • It provides a wide variety of diagramming shapes and templates
  • It involves multiple installations and automatic updates.
  • It has various variations with each version.
  • It can be used for long time, depends on the compatibility with device. 

Disadvantages of Microsoft Visio are listed below: 

  • It is expensive.
  • Microsoft Visio is not available for Linux and Mac
  • Microsoft Visio doesn’t support collaborative editing.
  • Microsoft Visio cannot run on mobiles 

Microsoft Visio has released a wide range of its version. Some of its versions are: 

  • Visio v4.1
  • Visio v4.5
  • Visio v5.0
  • Visio 2000
  • Office Visio 2003
  • Office Visio 2007
  • Visio 2013
  • Visio 2016 

Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365 is the latest version of Microsoft Visio which allows users to install Visio in Window10, Window8 and Window 7. Features of this version are as follows: 

  • Help users to create diagram easily and quickly.
  • Comes with various built in templates and shapes
  • Acts as a useful tool in industry as it creates professional diagrams quickly
  • Provide security to the diagram files and attachments.
  • Visualize real time data in manufacturing, business process and others fields. 

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Major topics included in Microsoft Visio are: Description, applications, Visio elements, interface elements, shapes, text usage, borders, titles, diagram creation, flowchart, organizational chart, enhancing appearance, information sources.

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There is no API available in Microsoft Visio. It offers support options for example Online Support, Knowledge Base. This software is used by the small business and mid size business. 

Our MS Visio Assignment help tutors help with topics like Introduction to MS Visio , Working with the Environment , Getting Visio and Diagram Help using search functions 

Visio Diagrams & MS Visio homework help topics include:

  • Working with 1-D and 2-D shapes , Moving, sizing, rotating, and copying objects Inserting pictures into diagrams
  • Formatting individual shapes Project on MS Visio , Applying themes to entire diagrams , Connecting shapes in flowcharts Importing objects into Visio , Position data shapes Linking data automatically Creating a project

 topics like Creating user templates/advanced knowledge ,Develop and demonstrate a Visio project ,Create a Flow Chart of aprocess you can diagram. 

It can be a business process or a personal process. From the Flow Chart category select the Basic Flow Chart template to start from; use the US Units plan.

MS Visio questions help services by live experts:

  • 24/7 Chat, Phone & Email support
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Help for complex MS Visio topics like:

  • Use at leastfive different shapes; note that each shape represents a different function.  Use the correct shape for each function/step in your process, and correctly use that shape.  For example, a decision shape requires one input and at least two outputs. 
  • Examples of Flowcharts could be the process for requesting vacation days, the process for hiring a new employee, orthe process for making a purchase and obtaining expense reimbursement.

1)  Create an Organizational Chart of your department or an organization.Your chart should be at least four levels deep and appropriately labeled. Use the Organization Chart Shapes template, US Units.

2)  Create a Network Diagram of a network that you use at work, at home, or at the lab.  From the Network Category use the Network and Peripheralstemplate, US Units.  Use at least six different shapes. Appropriately label your network devices. 

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color, placement, balance, background and other visual effects to enhance the effectiveness and readability of your diagrams.Create quality designs 

Get instant help for MS Visio Reports , case studies & dissertation

Help for Advanced MS Visio topics:

  • Technical Layouts, Layers, Shape Placement, Drawing Scale, Building Plan Layouts, Drawing with Precision, Perspective, Advanced Diagrams, work flow diagrams, Fishbone (Cause and Effect) diagrams, Calendars
  • Gantt and PERT charts, maps ,route directions, Diagramming and Data, Shape Data, Custom Properties, Property Reports, Importing and Exporting Data, Data Sources, Database Wizard, Advanced Custom Shape Design
  • Locking and Protecting Shapes, Custom Stencils, Adding Shapes to the Stencil

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