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Microsoft project is the project which is used to manage software programs . It helps in decision making of the project manger like creating plans , distributed tasks ,tracking process etc . The two editions of Microsoft project are standard and professional .Proprietary file format of the microsoft project is .mpp .
Various Purposes of the MS project are:

  • It provides graphical representation over a time line so that overview of the project is viewed .
  • Tasks are distributed between workers , contractors , other resources etc and their schedules are printed .
  • Project progress are monitored and compared with real estimates .
  • Start and finish dates are allotted to the project .
  • Order list of tasks is formed .
  • Flexible choices are provided for the management of tasks .

Task listing is the main topic in Ms project .Task listing is the process in which new task will begin after predecessors task is completed .

  • Predecessor task : New task will not be started before previous task is finished .
  • Successor task : Entrance of new row in the predecessor column then this task is considered as successor task .

MS project i.e. Microsoft project 2010 is a platform which provides robust features and characteristics. It enables the user to handle the several projects with numerous mechanisms. It is used or very helpful in managing the various kinds of the projects whether they are small scale or large scale projects. With the help of Microsoft project, it can give advantage to the team members due to the various features of the software programs.

There are various tools used in the MS project such as Ribbon interface which is used in both in 2010 and 2013 and helps the users a lot as it is very user friendly and also because all the toolbars and the menu are organized in the logical group.

The classic menu is found in both the versions of 2010 and 2013; it is very easy to get the menu classic style interface by just clicking the Menu tab and it provides the tools menu easily.

Milestone is defined as the initial point which represents the initiation of the project and defines the major event used in the project. It is also associated with the duration of the project, start date and also the completed date.

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Microsoft Project (or MSP) is a task administration programming system 

It is intended to help venture directors in: , developing arrangements , assigning assets to undertakings , tracking advancement , managing spending plans , analyzing workloads.

The component depiction of MS Project incorporates:- 

Project makes spending plans taking into account task work and asset rates , Resources – individuals, hardware and materials , Resources can be shared between ventures utilizing a mutual asset pool , Each asset can have its own particular logbook.

The component confinement of MS Project is as demonstrated as follows:- 

Limitation - MS Project presumes extra physical crude materials are constantly accessible unbounded , The arrangement exercises of MS Project incorporates with taking after steps:- , Define an undertaking , Plan venture exercises , Plan for a secure assets , Plan undertaking expenses , Plan for quality and dangers , Plan correspondence and security , Optimize an undertaking arrangement , Print and appropriate undertaking data

Undertaking guide frames with three stages:- 

  • Build an arrangement 
  • Track and deal with an undertaking 
  • Close an undertaking 

MS Project likenesses with the Excel:- 

  • Microsoft Project has a few likenesses to Excel. Its quality over exceed expectations is in its booking motor.

MS Project Homework help include:

  • Starting Microsoft Project ,MS project 2007 , Assignment help for MS Project 2010
  • Gantt chart view,components of the Gantt chart view,Moving the border between the panes
  • Gantt Chart view, defining the project, project informationStarting a new project, Project Information window,Map, MS Tutorial.

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Help for complex topics like:

  • Calendars , working time, Changing time for individual days, Entering a shut-down period,Linking new calendar to the project
  • Statistics Window, standing properties, Saving for future up-dates to the project, ENTERING TASKS,Opening a new Task Information window,task Information window

Entering a task duration, Elapsed time,Specifying elapsed time, Specifying estimated time,ESTIMATING DURATIONS, Doing the maths, MILESTONES AND PHASES, phases, milestones, a Milestone , Entering a recurring task, the recurring task symbol, Expanding the group of tasks, Contracting the group of tasks

Changing a recurrence pattern,EDITING TASKS,Editing Tasks,Opening an existing task for editing,CHANGING TASK PRIORITY, priority levels, a priority, Inserting a new task into the sequence, Entering information in the field entry bar, DELETING TASKS,Selecting one task,Selecting a group of adjacent tasks

Selecting a group of non-adjacent tasks, Deleting selected tasks, Undoing,Moving a task by dragging, Moving a task by cutting and pasting from the menu or toolbar, Moving a task by cutting and pasting from the shortcut menu,TASK LINKAGES,CREATING A LOGICAL SEQUENCE

TASK PREDECESSORS,Opening the predecessor window,Entering a predecessor, TASK RESOURCES,Under-standing the resources tab,Entering resources for a task, ADVANCED TASK OPTIONS

TASK CONSTRAINTS, TASK TYPES, Task Types, TASK NOTES ,Adding notes,Adding hyperlinks,OUTLINING A TASK, the top down method, the bottom up method, SUMMARY TASKS, Creating a sub task,Collapsing Sub Tasks, four linkage types


FS Link on all Tasks,Unlinking Tasks,Splitting Tasks,SPOTTING LINKAGES ON A GANTT CHART, LAG AND LEAD TIME, LEAD TIME ON THE GANTT CHART,Adding Lead  Time to a Task, LAG TIME ON THE GANTT CHART, Adding Lag Time to a Task

TYPES OF CONSTRAINTS, RESOURCES, THE RESOURCE SHEET VIEW, Viewing or entering resources, Resource Sheet View, ENTERING RESOURCES, Entering Resources, Changing to decimal units , RATES, Standard Rate (Std.Rate), Overtime Rate (Ovt.Rate), Cost/Use, Changing the Accrue At value

Accrue at Start,Accrue at End,default, Pro-rated,ASSIGNING A CALENDAR TO A GROUP OF RESOURCES,Fill-Down,Assigning a resource in the Task Information window, the Assign Resources button,Selecting a resource from your Personal Address Book (PAB) or Global Address List (GAL),ASSIGNING A RESOURCE CALENDAR,Adding holidays to a resource calendar

Changing the working time for a resource,REMOVING A RESOURCE,Removing the resource in the Task Information window ,Removing the resource from the Assign Resources window,Replacing the resource from the Assign Resources window ,Removing a resource from the project completely,REPLACING RESOURCES,Replacing a resource quickly,REMOVING A CALENDAR,Removing a calendar,Copying a calendar to Global.MPT,Opening a node for editing

Editing a node directly in the Network Diagram view,Laying out the boxes,Controlling the layout,Moving a node,Copying a node,Changing the content of the nodes,Changing border color and style,SUMMARY TASKS IN NETWORK DESIGN VIEW ,To change the way a summary task is displayed,TASK LINKAGES ,type of relationship,Changing the relationship type,Removing a link line,Adding a link line manually,Drawing a Finish to Start line,Drawing a Start to Finish line, a SS or FF relationships,Reformatting the layout,SHORTENING YOUR PROJECT
THE CRITICAL PATH,Starting the Gantt Chart Wizard

Critical Path view,Changing to Detail Gantt view, critical tasks in Network Diagram view, the Tracking Gantt Chart view,FILTERING FOR CRITICAL TASKS ONLY,Viewing only Critical Tasks,Viewing all tasks,SHORTENING THE PROJECT,Assigning more resources,Increasing working hours for resources,Assigning overtime work,Adding lead-time to tasks,Breaking tasks into sub tasks,Modifying tasks with constraints,OVERALLOCATIONS

RESOURCE USAGE VIEW,Opening the Resource Usage view,Spotting overallocated resources, THE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT TOOLBAR,Turning on the Resource Management toolbar, THE RESOURCE ALLOCATION VIEW,Opening the Resource Allocation view

RESOURCE ALLOCATION GRAPH,Opening the Resource Allocation Graph,Choosing a resource to view ,Viewing over-allocations in the graph,Moving to the next over-allocation,RESOLVING OVERALLOCATIONS,DELAYING TASKS MANUALLY,Delaying tasks manually,Delaying by clicking and dragging,Delaying by changing task information

LEVELING RESOURCES,Leveling resources,Clearing leveling,LEVELING RESOURCES CONTINUED, the Resource Indicator, LEVELING GANTT VIEW,Opening the Leveling Gantt Chart view,DECREASING WORK TIME,Decreasing work time in the Resource Usage view, Ensuring that the task duration is not altered

SPLITTING TASKS,Splitting a task,VIEWING SLACK IN A TABLE VIEW,Opening the Schedule Table ,Freeing Slack ,Total Slack, VIEWING SLACK IN A GANTT VIEW, Viewing Slack in a Gantt View, Opening the Detail Gantt Chart, how slack is shown on the Detail Gantt Chart,REASSIGNING RESOURCES,Re-assigning a resource


Changing working time for a resource,ASSIGNING OVERTIME TO A TASK, Assigning overtime work, Checking the new cost of the project,CONTOURING RESOURCES, contour patterns, how project works out the times,PRINTING PROJECT REPORTS, PRINT PREVIEW,What do they need to know,What can I print, Opening a print preview screen,Closing the Print Preview window,Examining the detail of the Print Preview

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  • MANAGING PROJECTS WITH , Updated User Interface, Manually Scheduled Tasks , Team Planner View , Timeline , New Table Customization , SharePoint Collaboration , NAVIGATING PROJECT 2010 , the Ribbon , the Timeline , Share the Timeline with Others , Project Views , Working with Project Views , Grouping Data in a View , Sorting Data in a View , Filtering Data in a View , Highlighting Data in a View , Displaying Two Views at Once , Up a Project , Creating a New Project , Saving a Project , Project Properties and Options , Project Properties , Project Options ., Choosing a Project Start or Finish Date , Up Your Project’s Calendars , Modifying an Existing Base Calendar , Changing Default Working Times , Changing Working Times for a Specific Time Period , Creating a New Base Calendar , Up Your Project’s Calendar Scheduling Methods in Project 2010 Factors Does the Project Scheduling Engine Consider Scheduling Method Should WORKING WITH TASKS Task Types , Fixed Units , Fixed Work , Fixed Duration , Adding Tasks to Your Project , Adding a New Task , a Task Calendar , Indenting and Outdenting Tasks , Up Task Dependencies
  • Adding Dependencies Between Tasks , Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) , Your Project’s WBS Code Structure , WORKING WITH RESOURCES, Resource Types and Other Factors , Adding Resources to Your Project , Adjusting Resource Calendars , Table of Contents viiAssigning Resources to Tasks , Assigning a Resource the Task Information Dialog Box , Assigning a Work Resource the Team Planner View , Editing an Existing Resource Assignment . , Splitting a Task to Create a Gap in Work , Fine-Tuning a Resource’s Work Schedule for a Task , Assigning Remaining Work on a Task to Another Resource , ACCOUNTING FOR PROJECT COSTS, Types of Costs . , Creating a Budget for Your Project , Creating and Assigning Budget Resources , Adding Values to Budget Resources . , Pairing Resources with Budgets , Comparing Actual Cost and Work Values with the Project Budget, Accounting for Overtime Spent on Project Tasks , Planning for Overtime Work and Costs , Recording Actual Overtime Work and Costs , CAPTURING PROJECT PROGRESS, Baselining Your Project , Gathering Status Updates from Resources , Actual Start, Percent Work Complete, Remaining Work , Actual Work Per Day, Remaining Work, Expected Finish Date , Assessing the Impacts of Updates
  • SHARING YOUR PROJECT WITH OTHERS, Reporting on Your Project , Generating and Customizing a Visual Report , Generating and Customizing a Basic Report , Sharing Data with Others , Copying the Timeline , Exporting Data to Excel , Taking a Picture of Your Project Data , Saving the Project As a PDF or XPS File , Collaborating with Others on Your Project , CUSTOMIZING PROJECT, Creating Custom Fields , Adding and Removing Columns in a View , Adding a Column to a View , Hiding a Column in a View , Creating and Editing Views , PROJECT OPTIONS, General Project Options , User Interface Options , Project View , Personalize Your Copy of Microsoft Office , Display Options , Calendar , Currency Options for This Project , Show Indicators and Options Buttons For , Show These Elements , Schedule Options , Calendar Options for This Project , Schedule , Scheduling Options for This Project , Schedule Alerts Options , Calculation , Calculation Options for This Project , Proofing Options , AutoCorrect Options , Save Options , Save Projects , Save Templates , Cache , Language Options , Advanced Options , General , Project Web App , Planning Wizard , General Options for This Project , Edit , Display , Display Options for This Project , Cross Project Linking Options for This Project , Earned Value Options for This Project , Calculation Options for This Project , Table of Contents ixCustomize Ribbon Options , Customize the Ribbon , Quick Access Toolbar Options , Customize the Quick Access Toolbar , Add-Ins Options , Trust Center Options.

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