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Physics is the term that refers to the study of the properties of matter, energy and their mutual relationship. Topics covered under physics are mechanics, electricity and magnetism.

Mechanism is further divided into kinematics (Motion in 1D, Motion in 2D consisting projectile motion), Newton’s law of motion (first, second and third law), Work energy and power (work and energy theorem, forces and potential energy, conversation of energy and power), System of particles, linear momentum (center of mass, impulse and momentum, conversation of linear momentum and collisions), Circular motion and rotation (uniform circular motion, torque and rotational statics, rotational kinematics and dynamics, angular momentum and conversion), oscillation and gravitation (Simple harmonic motion, mass on a spring, pendulum and other oscillations, Newton’s law of gravity, orbits of planets and satellites i.e. Circular and General). And electricity and magnetism is divided into electrostats (charge and coulomb’s law, Gauss law, electric field and electric potential), conductor’s capacitors and dielectric (electrostatics, capacitance and parallel plate, spherical and cylindrical), electric circuits (current, resistance, power, capacitors in circuits, steady state, and transients in RC circuits), magnetic fields (force on moving charges in magnetic fields, force on current carrying wires, fields of long current carrying wires, Biot-Savart law and ohm’s law) and electromagnetism( electromagnetic induction including Faraday’s and Lenz’s law, inductance including LR and LC circuits, Maxwell’s equations).


Physics viz. Acoustics, biophysics, chemical physics, atomic physics, electronics, geophysics, laser physics, nanotechnology, etc. Two categories of physics are classical physics and modern physics. Classical physics deals with the physical law of forces and bodies. Newton’s law is the example of classical physics. Modern physics is concerns with the facts and theory that came in the twentieth century. Quantum mechanics and relativistic mechanics is occurred in the modern physics.

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  • Astrophysics, Theoretical Physics, Physics, Classical Mechanics, Mathematical Methods I, Mathematical Methods II, Physics of the Universe, Practical Skills 1C, Practical Skills 1P, Thermal Physics, Waves, Optics and Acoustics, Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Electricity and Magnetism, Mathematical Methods III , Practical Physics 2A , Practical Physics 2B, Quantum Physics
  • Statistical Thermodynamics, Electromagnetic Theory, Group Project , Nuclear and Particle Physics , Quantum Mechanics, Solid State Physics

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