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Physics is a branch of science that deals with matter , energy and the way of interaction between them. It deals with matter on different scales Physics is an experimental science that uses scientific methods for mathematical analysis to find the laws from all around the world. Physics along with mathematics came into the picture to help prove various laws discoved under the science of physics.
Researchers in physics look for answers to a number of questions. Physics is not just theoretical in nature , it shows the practical aspects of every phenomenon. For example the technologies like radiotherapy, manufacturing of computer games, earthquake prediction methods etc.
Physics is divided into various concepts to differentiate the area of its application like laws of physics, astronomy, biophysics, enumeral theories, quantum physics, thermodynamics etc. And it covers various disciplines of science such as
Astrophysics- Study of spatial objects
Cosmology- Study of Universe
Electromagnetism- Electric and magnetic fields study
Molecular Physics- Study of Molecular properties
Optics-Study of phenomenon of light
Thermodynamics- Study of various forms of energy and their relation to heat
Nuclear physics- Study of atomic nucleus and its properties
Computational physics- Use of quantitative methods to solve physical problems with the help of numerical methods.

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Topics for Physics Assignment  help : 

  • Physics, Algebra And Graphing, Motion In One And Two Dimensions, Forces, Energy, Momentum, Electric And Magnetic Fields, And Light, Mechanics: distance, velocity, speed, acceleration, and the relationships between them; Interpretation of graphs. Response to forces; Newton's laws of motion; weight and mass; addition of forces; circular motion. Friction, air resistance, and terminal velocity. Levers, pulleys and other elementary machines; Springs and Hooke's law. Kinetic and potential energy and their inter-conversion; other forms of energy; conservation of energy and momentum; power and work
  • Waves and optics: longitudinal and transverse waves; amplitude, frequency, period, wavelength and speed, and the relationships between them. Basic properties of the electromagnetic spectrum. Reflection at plane mirrors. Refraction and elementary properties of prisms and optical fibres including total internal reflection. Elementary understanding of interference and diffraction; Electricity and magnetism: current, voltage (potential difference), charge, resistance; relationships between them and links to energy and power
  • Elementary circuits including batteries, wires, resistors, filament lamps, diodes, capacitors, light dependent resistors and thermistors; series and parallel circuits. Elementary electrostatic forces and magnetism; electromagnets, motors and generators. Current as a flow of electrons; thermionic emission and energy of accelerated electron beams. Natural world: atomic structure. Structure of the solar system. Phases of the moon and eclipses. Elementary treatment of circular orbits under gravity including orbital speed, radius, period, centripetal acceleration, and gravitational centripetal force. Satellites; geostationary and polar orbits

Complex topics covered by Physics Assignment online experts :

  • Functions of a Complex Variable,Astrophysics: From Planets to the Cosmos,Quantum Idea,Thermal Physics
  • Electromagnetism and Optics,Quantum Physics ,Flows, Fluctuations and Complexity,Symmetry and Relativity
  • Quantum, Atomic and Molecular Physics,Sub-Atomic Physics,General Relativity and Cosmology,Condensed-Matter Physics

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